Delforge, P. 2017.- Remarques sur les caractères distinctifs et la répartition d'Ophrys quercophila M. Nicole et al. 2017. Natural. belges 98 (Orchid. 30): 31-61.

Abstract. Delforge, P. 2017.- Remarks about the diagnostic characteristics and the distribution of Ophrys quercophila M. Nicole et al. 2017. Natural. belges 98 (Orchid. 30): 31-61.
The history and the context of the recent description of Ophrys quercophila, considered as an endemic of Languedoc (SW France), departments of Hérault and Gard, are evoked. Research in 2017 in the south of France, i.e. Languedoc and Provence, as well as the re-examination of personnal critical materials from this regions show that O. quercophila is also present in the department of Ardèche, and, east of the Rhône, in the departments of Drôme, Isère, and Vaucluse. In these areas, O. quercophila was found at 840 m of altitude and it is in contact with others representatives of the O. tetraloniae species group, including O. aegirtica, O. demangei, O. druentica, and, possibly, O. gresivaudanica and O. montiliensis, which requires completing the diagnosis published in the description, where these species are not considered. With the ongoing climate change, it appears that the phenology or the absolute dimensions of floral parts, among others, no longer allow to discriminate clearly this species. Two other diagnostic characters are envisaged, the shape of the stigmatic cavity and the coiling of the median lobe of the lip. They often make it possible to separate O. quercophila from the other species of the group in the field, except, in some cases, from O. gresivaudanica and O. montiliensis, the delimitation of which would also need to be clarified, especially for individuals carrying scolopaxoid lips. A list of the 25 sites where O. quercophila was observed since 2012, with the enumeration of accompanying orchids and their state of flowering is provided in the appendix.

Orchidaceae, Ophrys, Ophrys tetraloniae species group, Ophrys quercophila; Flora of France; Ardèche (07), Drôme (26), Gard (30), Hérault (34), Isère (38), Vaucluse (84).