Delforge, P. 2014 - Les noms d'un morphe égéen hypochrome d'Anacamptis pyramidalis et leur traitement dans la ‘World Checklist of Selected Plant families’. Natural. belges 95 (Orchid. 27): 115-124.

Abstract. Delforge, P. 2014 - The names of an Aegean hypochromic morph of Anacamptis pyramidalis and their treatment in the ŌWorld Checklist of Selected Plant familiesÕ [Natural. belges 95 (Orchid. 27): 115-124]. Various Latin names are found in the literature for the hypochromic morph of the Aegean Anacamptis pyramidalis, among others A. pyramidalis var. albiflora Raulin 1861 nom. nud. or A. pyramidalis f. albiflora Forsyth-Major & Barbey 1892. The treatment of this two names by the World Checklist of Selected Plant families (wcsp) is marred by numerous mistakes. As the wcsp appears as an authoritative site for botanical nomenclature, this mistakes diffuse on numerous websites devoted to European orchid. This situation is regrettable.

Key-Words: Orchidaceae, Anacamptis pyramidalis, hypochromic morph. Nomenclature, World Checklist of Selected Plant families (wcsp).