Delforge, P. 2014 - Remarque sur la nomenclature du Sérapias des Açores. Natural. belges 95 (Orchid. 27): 67-78.

Abstract. Delforge, P. 2014 - Remark on the nomenclature of the Azorean Serapias [Natural. belges 95 (Orchid. 27): 67-78]. The unique Serapias known from the Azores during the xixth and xxth centuries was first assigned to S. cordigera. It was described as an Azorean endemic by Schlechter (1923), who had not seen living plants, and named Serapias azorica. The figures associated to the description show an atypical labellum, with an epichile much wider than the hypochile, a shape not known in the genus and never seen in the Azores. Unfortunately, the holotype of S. azorica, kept in Berlin, was destroyed during the World War Two. Furthermore, the date indicated for the type collecting is by mistake March 1895, whereas the Azorean Serapias flowers in May and June. That two problems led to its re-description as Serapias atlantica, following a thorough morphometric survey by RŸckbrodt and RŸckbrodt (1994). That re-description gave rise to nomenclatural difficulties. It is suggested that the odd shape of the labellum results from a strongly non-uniform shrinkage in 1895, followed by a re-hydration of the exsiccatum in 1923 for the painting of the holotype by J. Pohl. As all other characters are similar for S. azorica and S. atlantica, the two names do apply to the same species. S. atlantica RŸckbrodt & RŸckbrodt 1994 is thus a posterior synonym of S. azorica Schlechter 1923. To avoid further nomenclatural problems, a neotype and an epitype are selected for Serapias azorica Schlechter 1923.

Key-Words: Orchidaceae, Serapias cordigera, Serapias azorica, Serapias atlantica, Nomenclature, neotypification, epitypification; flora of Portugal, Azores.