Delforge, P. 2013.- Nouvelle contribution la connaissance du groupe dOphrys tenthredinifera dans le bassin gen (Grce): Ophrys amphidami et Ophrys lycomedis sp. novae. Natural. belges 94 (Orchid. 26): 281-296.

Abstract. Delforge, P. 2013 - New contribution to the knowledge of the Ophrys tenthredinifera species group in the Aegean basin (Greece): Ophrys amphidami and Ophrys lycomedis sp. novae [Natural. belges 94 (Orchid. 26): 281-296]. After a review of the last developments of the systematics of the Ophrys tenthredinifera species group, two entities, respectively from the Greek islands of Kythera (Attica) and Skyros (Northern Sporades) are described. They differ from all the oriental taxa of the group notably by the presence of a strong tuft over the labellum appendix, a structure known only among the occidental O. neglecta and its allies, O. ficalhoana and O. grandiflora. The two Greek taxa are newly described here as Ophrys amphidami (from Kythera) and Ophrys lycomedis (from Skyros). Furthermore, two new combinations are made for Ophrys villosa subsp. sanctae-marcellae and Ophrys riphaea.

Key-Words: Orchidaceae; Ophrys tenthredinifera species group, Ophrys villosa, Ophrys villosa var. sanctae-marcellae, Ophrys riphaea, Ophrys amphidami sp. nova, Ophrys lycomedis sp. nova; Flora of Greece, Aegean islands, Kythera, Skyros; Flora of Morocco.