Devillers, P. & Devillers-Terschuren, J. 2013.- Pseudophrys du groupe d'Ophrys lutea: un aperću. Natural. belges 94 (Orchid. 26): 115-164.

Abstract. Devillers, P. & Devillers-Terschuren,  J. 2013 - Pseudophrys of the Ophrys lutea group: an overview [Natural. belges 94 (Orchid. 26): 115-164]. In the course of recent analyses of the Ophrys of Rhodes, Lesbos, Cyprus and the Cyrno-Sardinian continent (Devillers  & Devillers-Terschuren 2009, 2011b, 2012; Devillers  et al. 2010), we have encountered some problems in the placement of species of the Ophrys lutea group within a coherent context of related species and in the application of a homogeneous approach to species limits. Several new taxa belonging to this group have been discovered since the last revisions based explicitly on a phylogenetic or biological species concept (Paulus 1988, 2001; Delforge 1994a, 2005; Devillers & Devillers-Terschuren 1994, 2000a). We have thus endeavoured to assemble documents that can contribute to the understanding of the group and to examine them from a phylogenetic species concept point of view. The note summarises our observations. The limits of the group of Ophrys lutea are re-defined, taking into account the problems of placing the taxa that have previously been associated with the assemblage called the “O. subfusca group”. Two new taxa are formally named: Ophrys hellenica and Ophrys sicula var. transadriatica, and a change of status is made, Ophrys quarteirae (Kreutz, M.R. Lowe & Wucherpfennig) P. Devillers  & J. Devillers-Terschuren.

Key Words: Orchidaceae, Ophrys, O. lutea, O. phryganae, O. galilaea, O. sicula, O. melena, O. corsica, O. lepida, O. liveranii, O. quarteirae, O. praemelena, O. heracleotica, O. subfusca, O. battandieri, O. aspea, O. numida, O. carpitana, O. lucentina, O. laurensis, O. flammeola, O. archimedea, Ophrys hellenica sp. nov., Ophrys sicula var. transadriatica var. nov., Ophrys quarteirae comb. nov. et stat. nov., Mediterranean basin, Greece, Croatia, Hvar, Sicily, Iberian peninsula, North Africa, biogeography, distribution, dispersal, phylogeny, speciation, nomenclature, phylogenetic species concept, integrated species concept.