MariamŽ, Ph. & Delforge, P. 2013.- Epipactis leptochila (Godfery) Godfery en Meuse dinantaise (province de Namur, Belgique). Natural. belges 94 (Orchid. 26): 85-106.

Abstract. MariamŽ, Ch. & Delforge, P. 2013 - Epipactis leptochila (Godfery) Godfery in the Dinant Meuse (province of Namur, Belgium) [Natural. belges 94 (Orchid. 26): 85-106]. Epipactis leptochila  is a very rare species, known from few stations in Wallonia. It was recorded first in limestone beech forests of southern Belgian Lorraine in 1981, then in western Calestienne in 1987; these stations are very small and appear to be declining or extinct. Two individuals were mentionned near Dinant (Poilvache, 1989, and Freyr, 1998), but these observations were not confirmed. After 1994, some stations were found in the central Calestienne; the main Belgian populations are now localized in this region. In 2009, the first author have found a small population at Awagne, near Dinant. In July 2013, we have observed and documented that population and we have also found two very small new stations near it. The precise identification of the plants is difficult owing to the uncertainties of the delimitation of E. leptochila beside the allied taxa, e.g. E. neglecta. The main characters of E. [viridiflora var.] leptochila and E. [leptochila subsp.] neglecta, provided respectively by Godfery (1919) and KŸmpel (1982) at the time of the description, and the following controversies about the taxonomical status of E. neglecta are evoked. Finally, we identify the Dinant populations to E. leptochila, considering, as many specialists, that a narrow delimitation of E. leptochila and E. neglecta doesnÕt fit well the observations on the field: as in many other European populations, the Dinant individuals possess the main characters of E. leptochila var. leptochila, but an epichile close to E. leptochila var. cordata nom. illeg. and, less obviously, sometimes to E. leptochila var. neglecta.

Key-Words: Orchidaceae, Epipactis leptochila, E. leptochila var. leptochila, E. leptochila var. cordata, E. leptochila var. neglecta; Taxonomy; Flora of Belgium, Wallonia, province of Namur.