Delforge, P. 2013.- Relation dÕun voyage de la Section Orchidˇes dÕEurope autour du Vercors (France) en mai 2012 et remarques sur quatre esp¸ces d'Ophrys observˇes dans cette rˇgion. Natural. belges 94 (Orchid. 26): 27-52.

Abstract. Delforge, P. 2013 - Account of a journey of the Section Orchids of Europe around the Vercors (France) in May 2012 and remarks on four Ophrys species seen in this area [Natural. belges 94 (Orchid. 26): 27-52]. A detailed account of a 3 days field trip made in the Vercors (France, departments Dr™me and Is¸re), in May 2012 is provided. 42 species, on which 36 in flowers were seen, as well as 9 interspecific hybrids. Discussion is made about Ophrys species sometimes not recognized in the region: O. saratoi, species of the O. bertolonii group, frequently misidentified, and species of the O. tetraloniae group, frequently confused under the catch all name O. pseudoscolopax.

Key-Words: Orchidaceae; flora of France, Vercors, Dr™me (26), Is¸re (38), Ophrys fuciflora species complex, Ophrys bertolonii species group, Ophrys drumana, Ophrys saratoi, Ophrys tetraloniae species group, Ophrys brachyotes, Ophrys druentica, ŅOphrys du TricastinÓ.