Delforge, P. 2012.- Clarification de la taxonomie et de la nomenclature d'une orchidée maltaise: Ophrys hospitalis sp. nova. Natural. belges 93 (Orchid. 25): 63-74.

Abstract. Delforge, P.- Clarification of the taxonomy and nomenclature of a Maltese orchid: Ophrys hospitalis sp. nova. After a presentation of the research about Ophrys iricolor s.l. in the Maltese Archipelago, a member of the O. iricolor species group, mentioned  in Malta in 1993 as Ophrys mesaritica, is described here as Ophrys hospitalis sp. nova. Nowadays, O. mesaritica appears to be a Greek or, more probably, a Cretan endemic.

Key-Words: Orchidaceae, genus Ophrys, Ophrys iricolor species group, Ophrys mesaritica, Ophrys hospitalis sp. nova. Flora of Malta.