Delforge, P. 2012.- Deuxième édition revue et augmentée du Guide des Orchidées de France, de Suisse et du Benelux: modifications taxonomiques, rédactionnelles et nomenclaturales. Natural. belges 93 (Orchid. 25): 17-32

Abstract. Delforge, P. - Second revised and expanded edition of the “Guide to the Orchids of France, Switzerland, and Benelux”: taxonomical, textual, and nomenclatural modifications. The publication of a second French edition of the “Guide des Orchidées de France, de Suisse et du Benelux” (Delforge 2012) [ISBN: 978-2-603-01860-6] has presented the opportunity to update the taxonomy, the nomenclature, the presence of species and infraspecific taxons in the area covered, the distribution maps, as well as the iconography. A commented list of the main modifications is provided with references to the recent publications which justify them.

Key-Words: Orchidaceae. Field guide. Flora of Belgium, France, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Switzerland. Taxonomy, Nomenclature.