Abstract. DELFORGE, P. - Gymnadenia, Gymnigritella or Nigritella ? How to classify the Runes Gymnigritella ? [Natural. belges 92 (Orchid. 24): 117-123].
The genus Nigritella was created by RICHARD (1817) to separate the Vanilla Orchids from the Gymnadenia. However, on the basis of morphological analysis, REICHENBACH f. (1856), WETTSTEIN (1889) or SUNDERMANN (1980), among others, have concluded that the Vanilla Orchids are Gymnadenia. In 1997, phylogenetics based on nuclear its sequences has shown that the Vanilla Orchids (Nigritella) are nested within Gymnadenia and thus that Nigritella must be synonymized with Gymnadenia to achieve the monophyly of the latter. As further analysis, based on allozyme data, seemed not to have corroborated the nuclear its sequences analysis, numerous authors have carried on using Nigritella in spite of the existence of a newly described species joining up the 2 genera: Gymnigritella runei. If one considers that the Vanilla Orchids are part of the genus Gymnadenia in which they form the section Nigritella beside the section Gymnadenia, a new section must be created for Gymnigritella runei which possesses morphological and genetical characters from both Gymnadenia and Nigritella. It is described here as Gymnadenia sectio Junctura P. DELFORGE sect. nova.

Key-Words: Orchidaceae, Gymnadenia, Nigritella, Gymnadenia sectio Gymnadenia, Gymnadenia sectio Nigritella, Gymnadenia sectio Junctura sect. nova, Gymnigritella runei TEPPNER & KLEIN. Taxonomy.