Abstract. DELFORGE, P. - Remark on the Nomenclature of the robust Vanilla Orchid of Mount Cenis  [Natural. belges 92 (Orchid. 24): 25-29].
The correct epithet of the robust Vanilla Orchid of Mount Cenis (Savoy, France) is cenisia at the species rank [Nigritella cenisia FOELSCHE et al. 1998, syn.: Gymnadenia cenisia (FOELSCHE et al.) FOELSCHE et al. 1999] and at the subspecies rank [Nigritella  rhellicani subsp. cenisia (FOELSCHE et al.) KREUTZ 2005], but robusta at the variety rank [Gymnadenia rhellicani var. robusta P. DELFORGE 2003, syn.: Nigritella rhellicani var. robusta (P. DELFORGE) KREUTZ 2005].  Nigritella rhellicani var. cenisia (FOELSCHE et al.) D. WENKER & S. WENKER 2007 is illegitimate under Art. 11.4 of the ICBN.

Orchidaceae, Gymnadenia, Section Nigritella, Gymnadenia rhellicani var. robusta. Flora of France. Nomenclature.