Abstract. DELFORGE, P. - The Dactylorhiza of Occitania: status and nomenclature [Natural. belges 92 (Orchid. 24): 14-24]. The Dactylorhiza of Occitania was described in 1995 from the department of Hˇrault (Southern France) as Dactylorhiza occitanica.

As it seems better to consider it as a variety of D. elata, D. elata var. ambigua (MARTRIN-DONOS) SOO 1962, based on Orchis ambigua MARTRIN-DONOS 1864, described from department of Tarn, bordering Hˇrault, was used to name it. Unfortunately Orchis ambigua MARTRIN-DONOS 1864 is a nom. illegit., non Orchis ambigua DEGLAND ex LE GALL 1852, and so D. elata var. ambigua (MARTRIN-DONOS) SOO is illegitimate too. No possibility seems available to use the epithet ambigua at the varietal rank in accordance with article 58.1 of the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature. Furthermore, Orchis ambigua MARTRIN-DONOS nom. illegit. does not fit exactly the Dactylorhiza of Occitanie. As a result, the combination Dactylorhiza elata var. occitanica  is made.

Key-Words: Orchidaceae, Dactyloriza praetermissa species group, Dactylorhiza elata, Orchis ambigua, Dactylorhiza elata var. ambigua, Dactylorhiza occitanica, Dactylorhiza elata var. occitanica comb. nov. Flora of France. Nomenclature.