Abstract. Delforge, P.- A name for the Aegean variety of the Pink Butterfly orchid [Natural. belges 91 (Orchid. 23) (2010): 15-25]. Since 1986, the early-flowering Aegean variety of Vermeulenia (Orchis) papilionacea with coloured large flowers has been refered to as var. (or subsp.) heroica, an epithet based on Orchis heroica E.D. CLARKE 1812. It has been recently demonstrated that O. heroica is a posterior synonym of O. laxiflora LAMARCK 1779. Consequently, it has been sometimes suggested to replace heroica with messenica, based on Orchis papilionacea var. messenica RENZ 1928. As the RENZ's variety is not identifiable with the early-flowering Aegean variety, this nomenclatural solution is not suitable. As a result, no epithet seems available to name the early-flowering Aegean variety of Vermeulenia papilionacea. It is described here as V. papilionacea var. aegaea. A discussion of the taxonomical rank of variety is also presented.


Key-Words: Orchidaceae; Orchis s.l.; Orchis heroicus E.D. CLARKE 1812, Vermeulenia papilionacea, V. papilionacea var. heroica, V. papilionacea var. messenica, V. papilionacea var. aegaea P. DELFORGE var. nova. Flora of Greece, Aegean. Taxonomy.