Abstract. Delforge, P.- Section Orchids of Europe of Les Naturalistes belges (1979-2009) - Index of 30 years of publications about European orchids in Les Naturalistes belges [Natural. belges 90 (Orchid. 22) (2009):  291-326]. During 30 years, 239 articles about European hardy orchids have been published in our bulletin, Les Naturalistes belges. To make easier search for items, five indexes are compilated and provided here: (1) Articles classified by authorÕs name; (2) Articles classified by subject (2.1. Orchid genera, 2.2. Countries, 2.3. Nomenclature and other matters); (3) Index of the new taxons described; (4) Index of new nomenclatural combinations; (5) Index of new names, neotypifications, lectotypifications and epitypifications.

Key-Words: Orchidaceae; Natural. belges 61-90: index of publications