Abstract. Delforge, P.- Additional note on the Orchids of the island of Chios (Eastern Aegean, Greece) [Natural. belges 89 (Orchid. 21) (2008): 62-70]. Recent publications and new research in the islands of Chios and Samos in 2008 have shown that changes ought to be brought to the comments, the list of species, and the distribution maps of the Orchids of Chios published by Delforge and Saliaris in 2007. It appears now that (i) all the mentions of Ophrys persophonae in Chios belong to its sister species O. blitopertha, (ii) few mentions of O. basilissa and one, disputed, of O. fleischmannii belong to O. polycratis, sp. nov.of the O. omegaifera species group recently described from Samos, (iii) the presence of O. bombyliflora in the south of Samos is confirmed, (iiii) Serapias carica is considered now as a var. of S. orientalis and must be deleted from the list of species of Chios. Discussions are made for each Ophrys species and 4 new distribution maps as well as an updated list of the Orchid species of Chios are provided.

Key-Words: Orchidaceae, Ophrys, O. basilissa, O. blitopertha, O. bombyliflora, O. persephonae, O. polycratis, Serapias orientalis var. carica; flora of Greece, eastern Aegean, Chios.