Abstract. Delforge, P. & GŽvaudan, A. - Remarks on Epipactis leptochila in Italy, in the provinces of Piacenza (Emilia-Romagna) and Verona (Veneto) [Natural. belges 89 (Orchid. 21) (2008): 39-61]. The taxonomical history of the components of the mid-European polymorphic species Epipactis leptochila (i.e. notably E. leptochila s. str., E. leptochila var. leptochila f. altensteiniana, E. leptochila var. cleistogama, E. leptochila var. cordata nom. illeg., E. leptochila var. dinarica, E. leptochila var. futakii, E. leptochila var. neglecta, E. leptochila var. peitzii) is reviewed. In Italy, the presence of E. leptochila s. str. and E. (leptochila var. or subsp.) neglecta has been recently asserted, in the south as far as the Monte Gargano (Puglia) for the latter. Three stations of E. leptochila s.l. are known and surveyed in the northern Apennine range since 20 years. One of them, situated on the mt. Santa Franca (Piacenza) is discussed. It appears that the plants of that population show morphological characters corresponding principally to E. leptochila s. str., with some features usually attributed to E. leptochila var. neglecta as it is viewed by KŸmpel (1996, 1997), but not by KŸmpel (1982). Furthermore, the plants of the mt. Santa Franca share also some minor morphological characters with E. leptochila var. peitzii, E. leptochila var. cordata nom. illeg., and E. leptochila var. dinarica, and possess also peculiar characters, as the rather long persistence of the viscidium and the aptitude to produce tufts up to 10 stems. The appearence of individuals or isolated populations of E. leptochila with various patterns of morphological characters is well-kwown and makes difficult or even unsuitable the formal description of each variation. The best solution is to name the population of mt. Santa Franca E. leptochila (s.l.) or E. leptochila var. neglecta, and to provide a detailed list of its characteristics, when necessary. Another taxon of the E. leptochila species group has been recently described from mt. Tesoro (Verona, Veneto) and named E. thesaurensis. Only 2 populations of E. thesaurensis are known, situated inside the area of E. leptochila s.l. It differs from the latter only by the strong magenta color of its labellum and a somewhat dwarf stature. During a visit to the locus typicus of E. thesaurensis, we have also found E. leptochila var. neglecta. We conclude that E. thesaurensis represents, at the most, a variety of E. leptochila, and we propose the formal combination E. leptochila var. thesaurensis.

Key-Words: Orchidaceae, Epipactis leptochila, Epipactis leptochila var. leptochila f. altensteiniana (H. KŸmpel) A. GŽvaudan & P. Delforge comb. et stat. nov., Epipactis leptochila var. thesaurensis (Agrezzi, Ovatoli & Bongiorni) P. Delforge & A. GŽvaudan comb. et stat. nov. Flora of Italy, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto.