Abstract. Delforge, P. - Remarks on Serapias orientalis in the Aegean basin [Natural. belges 89 (Orchid. 21) (2008): 19-38]. The problematics of Serapias orientalis s.l. in the Aegean basin is evoked. Personnal field research and examination of the literature indicate the presence of 4 different taxons in that area. The most widespread of them, S. orientalis s. str., is present in almost the whole of the Aegean basin and in the Ionian islands. It is generally sympatric with the 3 other taxons, except for Crete, where it seems isolated. The delimitation of the 3 other taxons remains unclear because of the lack of discrete characters allowing to separate them, and the existence of transitionnal individuals between them and with S. orientalis s. str. Nevertheless, they were described or taken into account at various taxonomic ranks: (i) the robust taxon of the Ionian islands and Peloponnese was described as S. sennii in 1928, and sometimes named S. vomeracea f. sennii or S. orientalis subsp. moreana later, (ii) the taxon with dark flowers, mainly present in the oriental part of the Aegean, was described as S. orientalis subsp. carica in 1989, and sometimes named also S. carica later, (iii) the taxon with one single flower, present only in the Cyclades, was described as S.cycladum in 1989, and as S. carica var. monantha later. In 2006, the delimitation of S. cycladum was significantly modified by the authors of its description, so that it appears as undistingishable from S. carica. New personnal field research in Crete, Karpathos, and in the oriental Aegean islands of Rhodes, Chios, and Samos has revealed that the better taxonomic treatment is to considere the 3 taxons as varieties of S. orientalis. Consequently, new nomenclatural combinations are made for Serapias orientalis var. sennii, Serapias orientalis var. carica, and Serapias orientalis var. monantha.

Key-Words: Orchidaceae, Serapias, S. carica, S. carica var. monantha, S. cycladum, S. orientalis, S. orientalis subsp. carica, S. orientalis subsp. moreana, S. sennii. Serapias orientalis var. carica comb. nov. et stat. nov., Serapias orientalis var. monantha comb. nov., Serapias orientalis var. sennii comb. nov. et stat. nov. Flora of Greece, flora of Aegean.