Abstract. Delforge, P. -  Preliminary note on the Orchids of the island of Ikaria (Eastern Aegean, Greece) [Natural. belges 89 (Orchid. 21) (2008): 16-18]. During March 2008, research in Ikaria has revealed 19 orchid species. As first result, a list of taxa is provided. It appears that 4 orchid species have not been precisely recognized for the flora of Ikaria so far, O. basilissa, O. cinereophila, O.  parosica, and O. pelinaea. O. basilissa has never been mentionned from Ikaria. O. cinereophila and O. parosica were perhaps mentionned as O. fusca s.l.; O. pelinaea, recently described from the island of Chios, could have been noted once in Ikaria as O. leucadica.     

Key-Words: Orchidaceae. Flora of Greece, eastern Aegean, Ikaria.