Abstract. Gˇvaudan, A. - Epipactis exilis P. Delforge, a new species for France [Natural. belges 88 (Orchid. 20) (2007): 27-40]. Long term Epipactis research in the area of Mont Loz¸re in the Cevennes (France) have enabled to discover some populations of Epipactis exilis, which remained unknown in the French orchid flora. The main morphological characters as well as the habitat of the plants are described. A comparison versus E. fageticola, another member of the E. phyllanthes group, with which it can be confused, is added. Finally some data about the European distribution area of E. exilis are compiled, showing that the species is certainly underestimated taking into account its ability to withstand cold climate and tolerate acidic soil.

Key-Words: Orchidaceae, Genus Epipactis, Epipactis phyllanthes group, Epipactis exilis, Epipactis fageticola, Cevennes, France.