Abstract. Devillers, P. & Devillers-Terschuren, J. - Ophrys forestieri (Reichenbach fil.) Lojacono [Natural. belges 87 (Orchid. 19) (2006):36-62]. Specimens deposited in the Paris Museum that were collected by Forestier in the mid-nineteenth century shed new light on the understanding of LojaconoÕs and ReichenbachÕs Ophrys forestieri. The collecting locality of the type, quoted as ĒLÕEscalienČ by Reichenbach, as ĒlÕEscalieu, Alpes-MaritimesČ, by Camus and tentatively situated in the Bouches-du-Rh™ne by Delforge is, without any possible doubt, the site of the abbey of LÕEscaladieu, in Hautes-Pyrˇnˇes (65, France). This relocation of the type locality imposes attachment of O. forestieri to one of the species that occur in its geographical environment rather than to the Mediterranean species to which it had been attached  by Delforge (1999). Three species of the Ophrys fusca complex occur in the area, O. vasconica, O. sulcata and O. ĒfuscaČ sensu Lemouzy and Segonds (2001b). It is argued, on the basis of the Paris specimens and of ReichenbachÕs illustration, that it is the third of these species that corresponds to ĒOphrys fusca, 2. iricolor, b. ForestieriČ of Reichenbach, and thus to the basionym of Ophrys forestieri (Reichenbach fil.) Lojacono. A lectotype for this taxon is selected among ForestierÕs Paris material (Fig. 1, Fig.7). The Provence species to which Delforge (1999) had allocated the name is described as Ophrys delforgei sp. nova, with a type from Pointe de Bonnieu, Bouches-du-Rh™ne, 14 April 2006. As here re-interpreted, O. forestieri is a distinctive species that, except in Gers by Lemouzy and Segonds (2001b), seems to have been largely overlooked, implicitly or explicitly included in the spectrum of variation of other species. Its characters are briefly evaluated and it is suggested that it belongs to the group of O. obaesa, within which it may form with O. sulcata and O vasconica an ensemble characteristic of the transition between the Atlantic and Mediterranean domains.

Key-Words. Orchidaceae, Ophrys, Euophrys, O. forestieri, O. vasconica, Ophrys delforgei sp. nova, de Forestier, France, Hautes-Pyrˇnˇes, Gers, biogeography.