Abstract. Delforge, P.- Note on Orchis papilionacea var. alibertis [Natural. belges 86 (Orchid. 18) (2005): 81-90]. The morphological characters, the phenology and the status of the rare ‘late-flowering’ Cretan Orchis papilionacea are discussed. It appears that the flowering and morphometric differences from the much more common ‘early-flowering’ taxon are not large nor discontinuous as it was asserted and that the rank of variety or even of form is suitable for the ‘late-flowering’ taxon. A list of 14 localities of Orchis papilionacea var. alibertis, prospected in April and May 2005 in Crete, is provided.

Key-Words: Orchidaceae; Orchis papilionacea; flora of Crete.