Abstract. Delforge, P. - Remarks on Epipactis distans Arvet-Touvet and description of Epipactis molochina sp. nova, a Spanish species until now overlooked [Natural. belges 85 (Orchid. 17) (2004): 149-187]. Epipactis distans Arvet-Touvet 1872 was restored to favour in 1992 as a well delimitated xerophile species from French inner Alpine mountain pine forests. From 1992, numerous records of Epipactis distans are made outside the French Alpine zone as far as Sweden, Poland, Greece, Sardinia, and central Iberian Peninsula. In the same time, E. distans is identified with E. orbicularis K. Richter 1887, an Austrian E. helleborine with small leaves, and all the ranks from species to forma are applied to that taxon, which appears as ubiquitous and heterogeneous. Personnal field research carryied on mainly in Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, and Spain has shown that E. distans and E. helleborine var. orbicularis represent two different taxa and that the Spanish entity, isolated in the meridional Sistema Ibˇrico, south of the Ebro basin, represents another species, not yet named. It is described here as Epipactis molochina sp. nova, member of the E. helleborine species group. The inconsistencies of E. distans determinations in Spain and elsewhere in Europe are evoked. A detailed diagnosis is given for E. distans and E. molochina as well as a list of 29 localities of E. molochina, prospected in July 2001 and 2004 in Aragon, province of Teruel, and a list of other 17 mentions attributable with certainty to E. molochina in the litterature, in the provinces of Teruel (Aragon), Castell—n (Communidad Valenciana), Cuenca and Guadalajara (Castilla - la Mancha).

Key-Words. Orchidaceae, genus Epipactis, Epipactis helleborine species group, Epipactis molochina sp. nova, E. distans, E. orbicularis. Flora of Spain (Aragon, province of Teruel); flora of Austria, France, Germany.