Abstract. P. Delforge.- The Elsa’s Serapias [Natural. belges 85 (Orchid. 17) (2004): 103-109]. A rare Algerian species, Serapias stenopetala Maire & Stephenson 1930, has been recently rediscovered in its locus typicus near Annaba (Algeria). It is a taxon rather different from the Iberian species tentatively presented e.g. in my guide to ‘Orchids of Britain and Europe’ (1995) under the name of S. stenopetala. As no other name yet published seems to be available to name the Iberian Serapias, it is described here as Serapias elsae sp. nova. 

Key-Words: Orchidaceae, genus Serapias, Serapias elsae sp. nova, S. stenopetala; flora of Algeria, Portugal, Spain.