Abstract. Delforge, P.- The type of Ophrys lucentina [Natural. belges 85 (Orchid. 17) (2004): 77-88]. Ophrys lucentina is a species of the O. subfusca group, described from the Province of Alicante (Communidad Valenciana, Spain) in 1999. It has been recently suggested, without consultation of the type material, that the binomial applies to O. bilunulata, O. lupercalis or hybrids, rather than to the species of the Ophrys subfusca group itself. The note aims at dispelling this abusive interpretation. The type of O. lucentina (Fig. 2; Pl. 7 p. 83) was collected on March 27, 1999 from a rather homogeneous micro-population of 6 individuals. It has all the characters of pure specimens of the Valencian species of the O. subfusca group, none of those of likely hybrids or of O. bilunulata or O. lupercalis. There is thus no doubt that O. lucentina is the correct name of the Spanish member of the O. subfusca group, pollinated by Andrena vulpecula, and cannot be applied to its hybrids with other taxa, or to members of the Ophrys fusca group. Consequently, Ophrys dianica, published in 2001, must be considered as a superfluous synonym of Ophrys lucentina.

Key-words: Orchidaceae, genus Ophrys, Ophrys lucentina, O. dianica, Spain, Alicante.