Abstract. Delforge, P. - Note on the distribution of Ophrys cilentana J. Devillers-Terschuren et P. Devillers 2000 [Natural. belges 84 (Orchid. 16) (2003): 133-143]. Personnal field research in Italy in 2001 and 2002 have confirmed the Tyrrhenian character of the distribution of Ophrys cilentana, with the Cilento Range (Campania, prov. Salerno) as center of gravity. The species is also present in the north as far as the boundery of the Lazio, where it possesses a contact zone with O. montis-leonis, in the south as far as the Calabrian slopes of the Mt. Pollino, with a contact zone with O. exaltata, A list of 56 localities of Ophrys cilentana, prospected in April 2001 in Campania, and in March and April 2002 in Campania, Basilicata and Calabria, is provided.

Key-Words. Orchidaceae, Ophrys cilentana. Flora of Italy, Basilicate, prov. Potenza, Campania, prov. Caserta, prov. Salerno, Cilento range, Calabria, prov. Cozensa, Mt. Pollino.