Abstract. Delforge, P. - Remarks on the Orchids of the Azores [Natural. belges 84 (Orchid. 16) (2003): 95-116]. The taxonomical history of the 3 orchid taxa from the Azores is reviewed. Until now, their status is much debated, in part because only few specialists have seen the living plants in the field. Some authors accept only one endemic species of Platanthera, namely P. micrantha and the Mediterranean Serapias cordigera for the archipelago, others two endemic species, Platanthera azorica and P. micrantha, and Serapias cordigera, others three endemic species, Platanthera azorica, P. micrantha, and Serapias atlantica (= S. azorica nom. conf.). Observation in 2003 on the Azores (Pico and Sa› Miguel) has shown that Platanthera azorica and P. micrantha are two well separated species, and that the Azorean Serapias is effectively distinct from S. cordigera by smaller size of all its vegetative and floral parts but also by significant differences in flowers colour, and lip and petals outline. It constitues thus a diagnosticable isolated evolutive entity, sister of Serapias cordigera. Degradations of the Azorean hyper-humid laurel-juniper-forest (ŅLaurisilvaÓ) and the considerable decrease of area convenient for orchids are evoked. Owing to man's activities, i.e. intensification of cattle-rearing and introduction of alien plants, Platanthera azorica and Serapias atlantica are critically endangered. The degradation of the orchids populations between 1989 and 2003 is documented. A list of the 16 localisations for Pico and 14 for Sa› Miguel prospected in June 2003 and 3 distribution maps are given.

Key-Words: Orchidaceae; flora of Azores, Pico, Sa› Miguel.