Abstract. Orchids of Lesse et Lomme (Famenne, Belgium) - present status and perspectives [Natural. belges 84 (Orchid. 16) (2003): 34-54]. The region named ŅLesse et LommeÓ is located in the centre of Famenne, and covers its two components, namely, the Calestienne, composed of calcarous hills, and the schistous depression of Famenne. It is one of BelgiumÕs  richest areas in orchids, with 31 of the 44 indigenous species of Wallonia. After a historical overview of orchid knowledge in Lesse et Lomme, the paper synthsizes recent additions (newly discovered species, critical groups, including Epipactis) as well as species regressions, losses and their various causes. The paper concludes with some remarks about nature conservation objectives  and priorities.

Key-Words: Orchidaceae; Lesse et Lomme, Calestienne, Famenne, Flora of Belgium, Nature conservation.