Abstract. Delforge, P. & Kreutz, C.A.J.- Epipactis heraclea a new Greek species of the group of E. helleborine [Natural. belges 84 (Orchid. 16) (2003): 19-33]. A new orchid species, Epipactis heraclea, is described from the Mt. Iti (OroV Oith), Central Greece (Sterea Ellas). It is a member of the E. helleborine group, characterized by rather dense pilose upper stem, violet‑tinted floral pedicels, and fairly corrugated ornamentations on the epichile. In the group of E. helleborine, it differs from all autogamous species by its constant entomogamy, from allogamous species with violet suffusion on leaves by green leaves, from allogamous species with short leaves by leaves longer than internodes, from E. helleborine itself notably by smaller and narrower leaves and frequent formation of tuft of up to 21 grouped stems. Stations are located on the Mt. Iti, at an altitude from 1,250 to 1,800 m, in open, stony, alkaline, often very dry places, or on the edge of mature Abies cephalonica forests. A list of the 9 localities of E. heraclea, prospected on 21th July 2003 is provided.

Key-Words: Orchidaceae; genus Epipactis, Epipactis heraclea sp. nova; flora of Greece, Sterea Ellas, Mt. Iti.