Abstract. P. Delforge.- Correction about the identity of Ophrys philippei Grenier 1859 [Natural. belges 82 (Orchid. 14) (2001): 137-139]. In a previous paper (Delforge 2000a), I have attributed the name Ophrys philippei, taxon from Montrieux (Var, France) described by Grenier (1859), to a late flowering Ophrys scolopax s.l. with small flowers, membre of the O. tetraloniae species group, and known as O. santonica Mathˇ & Melki 1994. The recent rediscovery of O. philippei in its locus typicus has shown that it is an original taxon, not identifiable with O. santonica nor with O. scolopax. Therefore, Ophrys santonica Mathˇ & Melki 1994 is the name having priority for the scolopaxoide species of the O. tetraloniae group present in Alpes-Maritimes (06) and Var (83), Aveyron (12, Southern Massif Central) and Poitou-Charentes (Charente, 16; Charentes-Maritimes, 17; Deux-S¸vres, 79).  

Key-Words: Orchidaceae, genus Ophrys, Ophrys tetraloniae species group, Ophrys philippei, Ophrys santonica. Flora of France.