Abstract. P. Delforge & Viglione, J. - Ophrys sphegodes Miller 1768 and Ophrys virescens Philippe ex Grenier 1859 in Provence [Natural. belges 82 (Orchid. 14) (2001): 119-129]. The description or recognition of numerous taxa in the Ophrys sphegodes complex has brought a certain wavering in taxonomy and a great uncertainty in the knowledge of distribution of O. sphegodes s. str and O. araneola s. str. Research in the South of France has revealed that numerous Ophrys usually identified as O. sphegodes represent in fact e.g. O. arachnitiformis with green sepals, O. massiliensis, O. provincialis, O. passionis or O. incubacea. It is the same for mentions of relatively late flowering O. araneola, concerning in fact O. virescens. The present note explains the identification of the Ērelatively late flowering O. araneolaČ with O. virescens and gives an account of recent observations of O. sphegodes s. str. and O. virescens in the Proven¨al departments of Alpes‑de-Haute-Provence (04), Alpes-Maritimes (06) Bouches-du-Rh™ne (13), Var (83), and Vaucluse (84).

Key-Words: Flora of France, Flora of Provence; Orchidaceae, genus Ophrys, Ophrys sphegodes complex, Ophrys sphegodes species group, Ophrys sphegodes s. str., Ophrys virescens.