Abstract. Tyteca, D., Devillers-Terschuren, J. & Devillers, P.- Epipactis neglecta (Kźmpel) Kźmpel in the central Calestienne (Belgium) [Natural. belges 82 (Orchid. 14) (2001): 105-109]. In a recent article, the presence of Epipactis neglecta was reported in Belgium (Devillers & Devillers-Terschuren 1999). Incorporated in the discussion were previously published (Delvaux de Fenffe & Tyteca 1995) observations of plants attributed to E. leptochila for the central Calestienne. A revision of this identification is made in the light of new information and field observations made during the course of the 2000 flowering season. It appears that most of the stations pertain to E. neglecta. A review of the characters of E. neglecta is summarised and a re-evaluation of the status of the two species in Wallonia is given. Both taxa are of course extremely uncommon, but E. leptochila now appears to be even rarer than E. neglecta.

Key-words: Orchidaceae, Epipactis neglecta, E. leptochila group, E. muelleri, Belgium, Walloon Region, forestry practices.