Abstract. Kati, V., Lebrun, P., Devillers, P. & Papaioannou, H.- Orchids of the Dadia reserve (Greece), their habitats and conservation [Natural. belges 81 (Orchid. 13) (2000): 269-282 + 2 figs]. The region of Dadia, in Thrace, is of exceptional biological conservation interest. Research designed to develop bio-diversity assessment methodologies was conducted in parts of it for two years. It focused, in particular, on the link between habitat types and the distribution of species richness for a number of bio-indicator groups, of which orchids was one. The paper summarises orchid observations collected in the course of the field work and considers their habitat preference and their particular conservation requirements.

Key-Words: Orchidaceae, bio-diversity evaluation, ecology, conservation, Greece, Thrace.