Abstract. Delforge, P.- Ophrys caesiella sp. nova, a Maltese species of the O. fusca group, present also in Sicily [Natural. belges 81 (Orchid. 13) (2000): 232-236 + 3 figs].  A reevalution of the Pseudophrys collected in Malta in 1993 has led to the recognition of the originality of a taxon usually reported as Ophrys fusca, O. bilunulata or O. funerea. It is described here as O. caesiella. It is also present in SE Sicily.

Key-Words: Orchidacaea, genus Ophrys, sectio Pseudophrys, Ophrys fusca s.l., Ophrys caesiella sp. nov., Ophrys pectus. Flora of Malta, Sicily.