Abstract. P. Delforge.- Nomenclatural and taxonomical contribution to the genus Orchis L. 1753: remarks on the validity of the genus Steveniella Schlechter 1918 [Natural. belges 81 (Orchid. 13) (2000): 176-190 + 8 figs]. A taxonomic revision, well supported by morphological and caryological data, suggests that Steveniella satyrioides (Steven 1809 vel Sprengel 1826) Schlechter 1918 (= S. caucasica Garay 1997) is in fact a member of the Orchis coriophora species group. Unfortunately, the return of the epithet satyrioides (Steven 1809 vel Sprengel 1826) in the genus Orchis is not possible because of the earlier homonyme O. satyrioides L. 1760; for a similar reason the transfer of Steveniella caucasica (Garay 1997) to the genus Orchis is neither allowed because of the earlier Orchis caucasica Regel 1869. Consequently, a new name is proposed: Orchis prosteveniella.

Key-Words: Orchidaceae, Orchidoideae, Serapiadinae. Genus Orchis, Steveniella. Orchis prosteveniella nom. nov.