Abstract. Benito Ayuso, J., Alejandre, J.A. & Arizaleta, J.A.- Epipactis purpurata G.E. Smith and Epipactis distans Arvet-Touvet in the Iberian Peninsula [Natural. belges 80 (Orchid. 12) (1999): 261-273]. In this paper, we comment the presence of E. distans and E. purpurata in the Iberian Peninsula. Graphic documents and detailed descriptions of both taxa are added. We compare E. distans with E. helleborine and E. tremolsii. Besides, cartography of both species, European for E. distans and peninsular for E. purpurata, is included

Key-Words: Orchidaceae, Epipactis, Epipactis distans, Epipactis helleborine, Epipactis purpurata, Epipactis tremolsii, Flora of Spain, Pyrenees, Iberian Chain, Spain, Portugal, Iberian Peninsula.