Abstract. P. Delforge.- Ophrys arnoldii and Ophrys lucentina, two new species of the Ophrys fusca group [Natural. belges 80 (Orchid. 12) (1999): 244-260, 277-278]. Personnel research on the Ophrys fusca species group since 1971 in the western Mediterranean basin, particularly in Spain, has led to the recognition of two new species. The first, Ophrys arnoldii, is a late flowering species presented formerly as Ophrys «fusca 2nd flowering group» by Arnold (1981), and as «late Catalan taxon» by Delforge (1994, 1995a); Ophrys arnoldii is present in Spain, apparently from Andalusia in the South, till La Rioja and the Catalogna to the North, in the Baleares, and in France (Aude and, perhaps, Var); it is probably a member of the Ophrys funerea subgroup and seems more closely related to O. calocaerina than to O. lupercalis. The second, Ophrys lucentina, from the Alicante province (eastern Spain), looks at first like an hybrid between O. fusca s.l. and O. lutea s.l, or to an atypic O. bilunulata with large flowers. Nevertheless, it does not seem to be a member of the O. subfusca subgroup nor of the O. lutea species group but rather of the O. fusca subgroup, in which it appears as an original taxon, and apparently adapted to very dry habitats. It is very probably present also in Portugal and in southern France.

Key-Words: Orchidaceae, genus Ophrys, Ophrys fusca species group, Ophrys arnoldii spec. nova, Ophrys lucentina spec. nova. Mediterranean flora, flora of Spain, flora of Baleares, flora of France, flora of Portugal.