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Abstract. Delforge, P.- The Maiella Ophrys [Natural. belges 79 (Orchid. 11) (1998): 99-106]. A late-flowering taxon described in 1997 as Ophrys sphegodes subsp. majellensis was apparently only known at 6 stations in the Abruzzi-Molise region, mostly in the Maiella massif (central Italy). In fact, its distribution is wider and reaches Tuscany to the west, Lazio and Campania to the south. The previous mentions and figures published for those taxa are discussed and an updated distribution map is given. The late phenology and floral charateristics of the Maiella Ophrys are particular; this last seem closer to the O. incubacea subgroup than to O. sphegodes. Consequently, specific rank is given to that taxon. An occasional hybrid between Ophrys majellensis and O. bertolonii, found in June 1984 in the Monti Aurunci (Lazio, prov. Latina) is described and named O. ×dekegheliana.       

Key-Words: Flora of Italy. Orchidaceae, genus Ophrys, O. sphegodes species group, Ophrys majellensis comb. et stat. nov., O. ×dekegheleana hybr. nat. nov. (O. bertolonii × O. majellensis).