Abstract. P. Delforge.- Orchids of the island of Astypalea (Dodekanissa, Greece) [Natural. belges 78 (Orchid. 10) (1997): 189-222]. Research in Astypalea, which belongs to the Kyklades in a phytogeographical sense, has revealed 19 orchid species for the island, of which 2 new for science, one belonging to the O. iricolor subgroup: Ophrys astypalaeica, and one belonging to the O. bornmuelleri subgroup: Ophrys aeoli, spec. novae described in a separated note. The genus Ophrys is represented by 10 other species: O. attaviria, O. bilunulata, O. bombyliflora, O. ferrum-equinum, O. gottfriediana, O. iricolor, O. parosica, O. sicula, O. tenthredinifera. Other orchid species observed are Anacamptis pyramidalis, Orchis anatolica, O. fragrans, O. papilionacea, O. sancta, Serapias carica, and perhaps S. cycladum. Two interspecific Ophrys hybrids have also been found. A list of species and 18 distribution maps are provided as well as the list of 106 localities prospected from 1st to 11 April 1997. 

Key-words: Flora of Greece, Kyklades, Dodekanissa, Astypalea. Orchidaceae.