Abstract. P. Delforge.- Orchids of the island of Amorgos (Kyklades, Greece) [Natural. belges 78 (Orchid. 10) (1997): 103-152]. Research in Amorgos has revealed 30 orchid species for the island, of which 1 new for science, belonging to the O. bornmuelleri subgroup: Ophrys aeoli, spec. nova described in a separated note. The genus Ophrys is represented by 17 other species: O. ariadnae, O. bilunulata, O. bombyliflora, O. ăcinereophila fusca╚, O. cornuta, O. cretensis, O. ferrum-equinum, O. heldreichii, O. gottfriediana, O. iricolor, O. lutea, O. parosica, O. phryganae, O. scolopax, O. sicula, O. tenthredinifera. Other orchid species observed are Anacamptis pyramidalis, Dactylorhiza romana, Neotinea maculata, Orchis anatolica, O. collina, O. fragrans, O. papilionacea, O. provincialis, O. sancta, Serapias carica, S. lingua, and perhaps S. cycladum. Three interspecific hybrids have also been found. A list of species and 30 distribution maps are provided as well as the list of 197 localities prospected from 12 to 30 April 1997.

Key-words: Flora of Greece, Kyklades, Amorgos. Orchidaceae.