Abstract. P. Delforge.- Note on the Orchids of the island of Ios (Kyklades, Greece) [Natural. belges (Orchid. 8) 76 (1995): 291-304]. Research on Ios has revealed 17 orchid species, of which 14 new for the island: Anacamptis pyramidalis, Neotinea maculata, Ophrys ferrum-equinum, O. heldreichii, O. iricolor, O. israelitica, O. omegaifera, O. sicula, Orchis collina, O. papilionacea, O. sancta, Serapias bergonii, S. carica, and S. orientalis. One interspecific hybrid has also been found. An updated list of species is provided as well as the list of 29 localities prospected on Ios on 18 and 19 April 1995.

Key-words: Flora of Greece, Kyklades, Ios, Orchidaceae.