Abstract. P. Delforge.- The Orchids of the islands of Paros and Antiparos (Kyklades, Greece) - Observations, cartography and description of Ophrys parosica, a new species of the Ophrys fusca sub-group [Natural. belges (Orchid. 8) 76 (1995): 144-221]. Research in Paros has revealed about 30 orchid species new for the island, of which 3 new for the Kyklades: Ophrys basilissa, O. cretica, O. fleischmannii, and one new for science, belonging to the O. fusca subgroup: Ophrys parosica, spec. nov. here described. There are now 39 orchid species and 2 interspecific hybrids recorded for Paros. The genus Ophrys is particularly well represented with 7 groups and 25 species: 4 species for the O. omegaifera group (O. basilissa, O. fleischmannii, O. israelitica, and O. omegaifera), 2 species for the O. reinholdii group (O. ariadnae and O. cretica), 6 species for the O. mammosa group (O. cretensis, O. ferrum‑equinum, O. gortynia, O. gottfriediana, O. mammosa, and O. spruneri). In Antiparos, research has also revealed 15 orchid species new for this small island, and one interspecific hybrid. Antiparos now has 19 recognized orchid species. Special attention is granted to the systematics and nomenclature of the O. scolopax group: delimitation of O. bremifera towards O. scolopax and O. cornuta, division of O. heldreichii into 5 varieties: var. heldreichii, var. schlechteriana, var. calypsus (comb. et stat. nov. for O. calypsus), var. scolopaxoides, and var. pseudoapulica (these last two are var. novae here described). Affinities of the Parosian orchidoflora with the Cretan one are emphasized. A comparison with the orchids found, also in 1995, on Naxos, the largest island of Kyklades, is made. In doing this, a list of 34 orchid species is given for Naxos, of which 6 seem to be new for that island (Limodorum abortivum, Ophrys cornuta, O. gortynia, O. scolopax, Orchis collina, O. laxiflora), and one new for the Kyklades: Cephalanthera longifolia. An updated list of species and 40 distribution maps are provided as well as the list of 153 localities of Paros and 33 localities of Antiparos prospected from 4 to 17 April 1995.

Key-words: Flora of Greece, Kyklades, Paros, Antiparos, and Naxos. Orchidaceae; Ophrys, O. fusca subgroup, Ophrys parosica spec. nov., O. omegaifera group, O. basilissa, O. fleischmannii, O. scolopax group, O. bremifera, O. cornuta, O. heldreichii, O. reinholdii group, O. ariadnae, O. cretica, O. mammosa group, O. cretensis, O. gortinya, O. gottfriediana, O. spruneri; Serapias cycladum.