Abstract. P. Delforge.- Some observations on the orchids of the island of Euboea (Greece) [Natural. belges (Orchid. 8) 76 (1995): 128-143]. Recent studies of critical groups of Orchidaceae result in new systematic views and distributional revisions. Observations in Euboea produced 40 species and 2 hybrids in all and revealed 5 orchid species new for the island: Ophrys calocaerina, O. funerea, both members of the O. fusca sub‑group, O. lutea, O. herae and Serapias politisii. A discussion of the status of some taxa is made and a list of 84 localities prospected between 18 and 28 April 1994 is provided.

Key-words: Flora of Greece, Aegean islands, Euboea, Orchidaceae.