Abstract. M.R. Lowe.- The Orchids of the Province of Alicante, Spain [Natural. belges (Orchid. 8) 76 (1995): 78-83]. Observations in the Province of Alicante have revealed the presence of Epipactis parviflora, Neotinea maculata, Ophrys funerea, Orchis champagneuxii, and O. olbiensis, new to the Province or previously misidentified. An updated list of species is presented and their status discussed as well as the localities prospected from 14 to 21 April, 1994 and 4 to 6 June, 1995.

Key-words. Orchidaceae; Epipactis parviflora; Neotinea maculata; Ophrys funerea; Orchis champagneuxii, O. olbiensis; Flora of Province of Alicante, Spain.