Abstract. P. Delforge.- The Orchids of the islands Kefallinia and Ithaki (Nomos Kefallinia, Nissia Ioniou, Greece) - Observations and additions to the cartography [Natural. belges (Orchid. 7) 75 (1994): 219-271]. Recent studies of critical groups of Orchidaceae in the Ionian islands and elsewhere result in new systematic views and distributional revisions. Observations in Ithaki have revealed 11 orchid species new for the island: Anacamptis pyramidalis, Limodorum abortivum, Ophrys attica, O. attaviria, O. herae, O. cf. melena, O. phryganae, Orchis fragans, O. laxiflora, O. picta and Serapias bergonii. Ithaki possesses now certainly 34 orchid species. In Kefallinia, research has revealed 8 orchid species new for this island: Ophrys attaviria, O. epirotica, O. funerea, O. helenae, O. herae, O. cf. melena, O. phryganae and Orchis tridentata. Kefallinia has now more than 50 orchid species. Eleven interspecific hybrids have also been found in Kefallinia, bringing their number up to 17 for this island; 3 of them, new for science, are described as Ophrys ×painiana (O. attica ×  O. gottfriediana), O. ×sienaertiana (O. bremifera × O. gottfriediana) and O. ×walravensiorum (O. gottfriediana × O. tenthredinifera). An updated list of species with discussion of their status and 41 distribution maps are provided as well as the list of 54 localities of Ithaki and 218 localities of Kefallinia prospected between 3 and 6 April 1991, 8 and 13 April 1992, 19 April and 1st May 1993.