Abstract. P. Kiefer, G. Parent & P. Schaal.- The Orchids in the natural reserves of Apach and of Montenach and from the neighbourhood (France, 57 Moselle) [Natural. belges (Orchid. 7) 75 (1994): 189-208]. 35 species of orchids are actually known from that region; 20 are common, 10 are only known from one place and the other ones from two or three places. To that number may be added 5 interspecific hybrids and 2 intergeneric ones, which give an amount of 42 taxa. Some more 18 varieties or forms have been noted. Those values, certainly provisional, prove that a superficial research may lead to discover only the third of the taxa which are in fact present, hence there are here only 20 common species but nearly 60 taxa in all.