Abstract. P. Delforge.- The Orchids of the islands Andros and Tinos (Kyklades, Greece) - Observations, cartography and description of Ophrys andria, a new species of the Ophrys bornmuelleri group [Natural. belges (Orchid. 7) 75 (1994): 109-170]. Observations in Tinos have revealed 14 orchid species new for the island: Barlia robertiana, Ophrys bilunulata, O. bombyliflora, O. gortynia, O. heldreichii, O. cf. icariensis, O. israelitica, O. phryganae, Orchis anatolica, O. provincialis, Serapias bergonii, S. carica, S. cf. cycladum and S. orientalis.Tinos possesses now certainly 28 orchid species. In Andros, research has also revealed 14 orchid species new for this island: Ophrys andria (species nova here described), O. attica, O. bombyliflora, O. bremifera, O. ÇAndrena labialisÈ fusca, O. gortynia, O. israelitica, O. phryganae, Orchis provincialis  and Serapias carica, S. cordigera, S. politisii and S. vomeracea. Andros has now more than 40 orchid species. Four interspecific hybrids have also been found in these two islands. An updated list of species with discussion of their status, with special attention to Serapias cycladum, and 40 distribution maps are provided as well as the list of 83 localities of Andros and 35 localities of Tinos prospected from 4 to 18 April 1994.