Abstract. P. Delforge.- Contribution to the study of three Ophrys species recently described.- O. cephalonica, O. herae and O. minoa (Orchidaceae) [Natural. belges (Orchid. 5) 73 (1992).- 71-105]. Three taxa have been described recently from Greece and presented, explicitly or implicitly, as island endemics.- O. cephalonica from the Ionian islands of Kefallinia and Ithaki, O. herae from the Aegean Samos and O. minoa from western Crete. New observations and perusal of the literature show that O. cephalonica, the most eastern representative of the O. arachnitiformis group, is well an Ionian endemic but also to be found in Corfu (Kerkira) and in the continent, in Ipiros and in Etolia-Akarnania (Sterea-Ellas); O. herae, an early-flowering species of the   O. mammosa group, possesses a large eastern Mediterranean distribution from Corfu and, perhaps, Albania in the west, to Cyprus in the east; O. minoa, a species of the O. bornmuelleri  group, often mistaken for O. fuciflora, is present from the center of the Peloponnese, in the west, at least till southern Anatolia, near the Syrian border, in the east, as well as, perhaps, in Lebanon, Israel, and Libya in the south. O. fuciflora seems to be missing from eastern Mediterranean basin. A list of localities prospected since 1983 and a distribution map are provided for each species; a description of 4 Ophrys hybrids is made.- O. cephalonica × O. helenae (= O. ×delvauxiorum), O. cephalonica × O. herae (= O. ×gilsoniorum), O. cephalonica × O. mammosa (= O. ×joukoffiorum), O. cephalonica × O. sphegodes (= O. ×poelmansiana).