Abstract. Delforge, P.- The Orchids of the Serrania of Cuenca (Castilla-la mancha, Spain) Observations and cartographical sketch [Natural. belges (Orchid. 3) 70 (1989): 99-128]. Recent studies on critical groups of Orchidaceae in the mountains of south-central Spain tesult in new systematic views and distributional revisions. Observations on Orchis spitzelii lead to the recognition of the Spanish populations at the specific rank under the name of Orchis cazorlensis Lacaita. Descriptions of four orchid hybrids found in the Serrania are made: Ophrys castellana × O. scolopax, Ophrys castellana × O. sphegodes, Orchis cazorlensis × O. langei, Orchis langei × O. olbiensis. An updated list of species and 35 distribution maps are provided as well as the list of localities prospected in June 1988.