Abstract. Delforge, P., Devillers-Terschuren, J & Devillers , P.- The group of Ophrys bertolonii in Provence and Languedoc [Natural. belges (Orchid. 3) 70 (1989): 73-84]. The orchid of coastal Provence and Liguria long known as Ophrys bertolonii is very stable in its characters and closely resembles true Italian O. bertolonii, more so than do the peri-Alpine forms O. benacensis, O. saratoi and O. drumana. It does, however, differ sharply from Italian O. bertolonii in shape and position of the stigmatic cavity and in the position of the pseudo-eyes, as well as in other more minor characters. It does not seem to possess a valid name and Ophrys aurelia sp. nova is here proposed. The member of the O. bertolonii group that grows in the Corbi¸res and Laurageais is O. catalaunica. Like O. drumana and O. saratoi, it differs from O. aurelia in traits which suggest an influence of taxa of the O. sphegodes group. This influence is more marked in O. catalaunica than in either O. drumana or O. saratoi, and is probably stronger in the Spanish populations, which are more peripheral to the distribution of the O. bertolonii group, than in the French ones.