Abstract. P. Delforge.- Remarks on some Ophrys from Italy and description of four of their hybrids [Natural. belges (Orchid. 2) 69 (1988): 33-46]. Discussion on the validity of the species rank for Ophrys archipelagi, O. biancae, and O. lacaitae. Remarks on O. holoserica from Lazio. Reflections on the taxonomic and systematic treatment of O. bertoloniiformis within O. bertoloniis group and errors brought about by the hypothesis of a hybridogene origin of O. bertoloniiformis; sketch of a phylogenesis not involving this mechanism. Description of 4 new hybrids: Ophrys archipelagi × O. tenthredinifera, Ophrys bertoloniiformis × O. tenthredinifera, Ophrys biancae × O. lunulata, Ophrys holoserica × O. lacaitae.